Remediation The Way Nature Intended

Bioremediation means breaking down pollutants as mother nature would. This natural cleanup process is the safest way to keep our planet healthy. OPG+ has made it easier for us all to do our part in taking care of the Earth.

The OPG+ formula makes oil, petroleum, and grease spills disappear like magic. It even works on pesticides. Our all-natural cleanup products and services speed up what would happen in nature. The formula uses plant enzymes to break down toxic waste into food for bacteria.

This process leaves behind only CO2 and water! It is the same formula used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. It is also part of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Contingency Plan for Oil Spills.

OPG+ will solve your problem in place. We can also lower your environmental cleanup costs. Our approach doesn’t call for secondary cleanup. No digging or removing materials is needed. Our Quick Response Team is available 24/7. They can arrive at most spill sites within hours.

OPG+ Cleanup Eliminates

OPG+ Cleanup Works On

Fresh &
Salt Water

Soil & Sand




Plants &

& Tools

Kitchen &

& Rugs

Rubber &

Glass &

How Does OPG+ Work

Watch how OPG+ is the best at remediating hazardous spills on-site. The video below explains how our simple process works. Learn the many benefits of our clean-up method to businesses and the Earth. Also, see before and after photos from past spill clean-ups. (View time: 2.50 min)

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The Natural Solution for Oil+Petroleum+Grease Cleanup

We Come to You

Quick Response Team

OPG+ - Quick Response Team
  • Construction
  • Equipment Rental
  • Airports
  • Gas Stations
  • Waste Disposal
  • Golf Courses
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Railroad / Yards
  • Marine
  • Municipalities
  • Utilities
  • Drive-Thru’s
  • Dumpster Area Cleaning
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Crane Services
  • Refineries / Oil Rigs
  • Fleet Services
  • Factories
  • Kitchen / Restaurant
  • Food Service

opg+ works on fresh & salt water

See OPG+ in Action!

Works on Fresh & Salt Water, Soil, Dirt, Asphalt & Concrete

You've got to see it to believe it! Watch an OPG+ technician demonstrate how our formula works. See toxic oil, petroleum, and fuel spills turn into harmless CO2 and water. Our method prevents hazardous spills from sinking into surfaces or water. This allows for easier cleanup at the surface level.

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OPG+ Works on Water (1.38 min)

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OPG+ Works on Asphalt (10 sec)

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OPG+ Works on Dirt (1.13 min)

Before & After OPG+

  • 24/7 Quick Response
  • One Step Process
  • Permanently Removes Oil & Fuel
  • Nontoxic & Totally Safe
  • No Removal of Contaminated Waste Required
  • Listed on EPA’S National Contingency Plan (NCP)
  • Made in the USA
opg+ hydraulic fluid spill
opg+ hydraulic fluid spill cleanup