Common Hazards In Your Automotive Repair Shop

Image of auto repair shop

Most car owners are adamant about keeping their vehicles in good working order. Currently, there are over 234,000 automotive repair shops in the United States. These shops offer car repair and maintenance services that can extend the lives of the automobiles they work on. If you own an automotive repair shop, safety should be one of your main concerns.

Unfortunately, the average automotive repair shop has many different hazards. The more you know about these hazards, the easier it will be to mitigate the risks they pose. Here are some of the common hazards in automotive repair shops and how to address them properly.

Oil Spills Are Extremely Dangerous

Without the right amount of oil, the internal parts in an automotive engine will get damaged. The average automotive repair shop spends a lot of time changing the oil in the cars they work on. As you or your technicians perform this essential maintenance, you need to be mindful of just how common oil spills in automotive repair shops are. Not only can oil on the floor of your shop cause slip and fall accidents, it also poses a risk to the environment.

If you are dealing with a large oil spill on the inside or outside of your shop, removing this hazard in a hurry is crucial. Rather than using dangerous chemicals to clean up oil spills, you need to use the eco-friendly solutions offered by OPG+. Once our technicians arrive on the scene, they will assess the situation and start the cleanup process. The cleaners we use are 100% biodegradable and effective.

Eye Injuries Are Common in Automotive Repair Shops

When removing parts or fluids from a vehicle, technicians are at risk of damaging their eyes. If either of these elements were to get into a worker’s eyes, they could cause significant damage. Instead of leaving yourself and your workers vulnerable, you need to invest in proper eye protection. With a pair of high-quality safety goggles, you can keep hazardous materials out of your eyes. When choosing a pair of safety goggles to use in your automotive repair shop, be sure you pick a pair that offers a tight fit and clear visibility.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

The average mechanic performs the same few motions multiple times a day. These repetitive motions generally affect the arms, hands and legs. Over time, the muscles and ligaments in these areas may start to wear out due to this repetitive motion. If you want to help your team avoid these common work injuries, you need to encourage both stretching and routine breaks. OSHA has a number of approved stretch and flex programs designed to help workers in all industries avoid repetitive motion injuries. With the right amount of training, you can help your employees avoid these injuries.

Do you need help cleaning up an oil spill around your automotive repair shop? If so, the team at OPG+ is here to help you address this problem.