Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to us that our customers know as much as possible about our product. We stand behind our bioremediation formula 100%, and offer full transparency. OPG+ provides revolutionary products and services. As a new way to clean up environmental hazards, we understand that part of our job is education. We need to show the public what our brand can do. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that we receive about OPG+. If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does OPG+1 leave behind residue?

No. OPG+1 dries clean, leaving a non-slip surface.

Can OPG+1 help remove the hazard associated with flammable spills?

Yes. OPG+1 reduces fire hazard of flammable contaminants within 5 minutes.

Once OPG+1 is applied, are additional steps required to remove contaminated materials?

No. OPG+1 removes oil, petroleum + grease and does not require any digging up of soil or removal of materials on the site.

Is OPG+1 safe to use around pets?

Yes. OPG+1 is completely non-toxic and will not harm pets, wildlife, or the environment. Learn more

Can OPG+1 remove lingering odors from fuel, oil, and other contaminants?

Yes. OPG+1 completely removes odors from chemicals and other spills.

If a spill is running off into storm drains, or seeping into the ground, is it possible for OPG+1 to help?

Yes! OPG+1 adheres to the spill and continues the remediation process. The spill will continue to be broken down and turned into water and CO2 no matter where it is carried by current or wind.

What hours are there OPG+1 Quick Response Team members available to help with emergency cleanup situations?

Call us anytime, 24/7 day or night! Our QRT professionals can arrive at most locations within hours.

Is OPG+1 harmful if accidentally ingested?

No. OPG+1 is not poisonous, and will have no adverse effects if accidentally swallowed.

Will OPG+1 irritate my skin?

No. Our formula is safe to use and non-irritant, even on the most sensitive skin.

How does the price of OPG+1 bioremediation service compare to other remediation options?

OPG+1 services are a fraction of the cost of other oil + fuel remediation services.

How should I properly store any unused portion of OPG+1 to keep it fresh and effective?

Store OPG+1 with the cap tightly secured, at room temperature.

Is the efficiency of OPG+1 affected by environmental temperature?

OPG+1 is effective in temperatures above 45 degrees. If you wish to use it in a situation where the temperature is very cold, please contact us directly so that we can provide more specific instructions to combat the product from freezing.

How are OPG+1 products shipped? Can I track my order?

Typically via FedEx ground. We can provide a tracking number to you.

Is the OPG+1 Quick Response Team available for regular maintenance of waste containment and other areas?

Yes! Businesses with recurring cleanup needs can schedule for our technicians to return regularly to keep their property looking sanitary and tidy.

Does OPG+1 remove pesticides?

Yes! The OPG+1 formula is effective at removing pesticides and herbicides from soil and water.

What type of endorsements has OPG+1 received?

It is the same formula used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. It is also part of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Contingency Plan for Oil Spills. OPG+1 is endorsed by OSHA and other top government agencies. Please visit our certifications section for a full list.

Can I use OPG+1 to clean my boat?

Yes! OPG+1 works great on boats and will not harm surfaces!

Can I see OPG+1 work with my own eyes before I purchase it?

Yes! We have lots of demo videos posted on our site that you can view. We also provide on-site demos for businesses that wish to see how OPG+1 works in person!

Does OPG+1 work to remove lovebugs and other residue from cars?

Yes! OPG+1 works great on tough lovebug gunk! Our formula won’t harm paint.

Is it safe to use OPG+1 inside my oven?

Yes! OPG+1 leaves behind only CO2 + water, so there is NO residue left behind. There is no need to worry about potentially flammable chemicals, food contamination, or odors the next time you use your oven. Learn more

Are there retail locations where I can buy OPG+1 directly?

Yes! Visit our Dealer Locator page to find a retail location near you!

Can OPG+1 be used on all types of floors?

Yes! The OPG+1 formula is safe and effective on any type of flooring. It will not damage quarry tile, ceramic, porcelain tiles, concrete, stone, or floors that have been finished with an applied
gloss finish, paint, or floor “wax”.

Does OPG+1 accomplish the same effect as a disinfectant?

OPG+1 is not a disinfectant or sanitizer. If you wish to disinfect the area, we recommend following with a cleaner that is indicated as a disinfectant on the label.

Can I mix this product with other cleaners or chemicals?

OPG+1 should never be mixed with other cleaners or chemicals. This will render the OPG+1 formula ineffective.

How do I dispose of any unused product?

OPG+1 does not pose any risk to the environment, and can be poured down sinks and drains with no negative effects.

Is OPG+1 harmful to septic systems?

No, OPG+1 will not harm septic systems.

How do different types of surfaces (porous/nonporous) affect the amount of OPG+1 you’ll need to use?

More OPG+ is needed to remediate porous surfaces due to the oil/fuel soaking into the surface. OPG+1 will lift the oil/fuel from the pores and remediate once on the surface.

How do I use OPG+1 with a pressure washer?

When used with a pressure washer, pre-treat the affected area with OPG+1 first – blend the OPG+1 and contaminate together with a scrub or deck brush and allow it to work for about 15min.

OPG+1 can also be added to the water source of the pressure washer to ensure complete remediation of any additional contaminants lifted from the surface and to ensure clean water runoff.

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