How OPG+ Can Save You Money as a Clean Marina

How OPG+ Can Save You Money as a Clean Marina

The Power of Investing in a Clean Marina

Did you know that there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste estimated to be in our oceans? That is a lot of marine litter destroying the coastal environment, including marinas.

This waste impacts millions of marine life that consider the water their home. From trash we irresponsibly discard everyday, to common oil spills, human waste is quickly polluting our waters, which also impacts our lives. For example, it affects the quality of the water that we consume, making it undrinkable and unusable for cooking.

Our findings show that ocean contamination also impacts tourism. Many local economies rely on tourism, therefore, dirty water can drive people away. Fortunately, even in the most critical situations, there are solutions for combating oil spills.

If you own a marina, keeping it clean will not only attract people and increase revenue, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Benefits of a Clean Marina

Many states in the country have a program designed to encourage healthy practices that promote clean water. Facilities can apply to become a Clean Marina, which certifies a local marina as one that utilizes environmentally-friendly operations.

This may serve as beneficial for your business because there are various benefits that come with the title of a certified Clean Marina. In Florida, your marina can be approved and receive a flag along with a certification plaque to display at your location. These items can help drive traffic and business to your marina, especially when over 8 in 10 people expect businesses to tackle climate change, an effect of ocean pollution. 

A certified Clean Marina also receives a 10% discount on state land lease fees, saving you money on operating your marina. 

Other states, like Georgia, offer their own certification and best practices to help maintain a healthy marina that will help protect marine life. For example, the Georgia Clean Marina Program offers fuel procedures that can help prevent fuel spills.

Keeping Your Marina Clean

The best practices that the Clean Marina programs lay out are a great start, but based on our first-hand experience, we have more tips on how to keep your marina clean.

First, you want to prevent pollution in your marina from happening in the first place. This means tackling litter and  encouraging reusable and recyclable products. Installing more trash cans can help reduce trash from littering your waterways, and cut down on pollution. 

You also want to stop oil spills before they occur. Spills pose a major risk to us and our environment. When refueling boats, make sure the bilge pump is turned off and have an oil tray outfitted on each boat’s engine.

Responding to a Spill in Your Marina

It is important that you know how to handle a spill in your marina to avoid destroying plant life and causing unnecessary harm to animals, people, and boats.

If a spill does occur, don’t panic. Staying calm will help prevent even a small problem turning into a big one. Make sure you have your personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, on hand. This will keep you safe from direct contact. 

It is important to catch a spill early because as the spill continues, the difficulty and cost of cleaning it rises greatly. Once you safely stop and contain the spill as best as you can, we suggest calling our OPG+ Quick Response Team to help reduce the risk of damage to your Clean Marina. You can reach OPG+ at 844-444-8899.

OPG+ Helps Maintain a Clean Marina

Dedicating your time and money to becoming a certified Clean Marina is a great investment you can make.

OGP+ can help clean up any spill that poses a risk to your marina. Schedule a 24/7 Quick Response Cleanup Service today if a boat oil spill occurs.

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