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How OPG+ Remediated A Vertical Spill Of Hydraulic Fluid

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QRT Remediation Team On Spill Site photo

You read that correctly, a vertical spill. OPG+ received an emergency call and dispatched the Quick Response Team (QRT) of field professionals to remediate a hydraulic fluid spill in bustling Lake Nona, FL.


Approximately 15 gallons of hydraulic fluid spilled when lift equipment blew a hydraulic line covering the entire front of a building with glass fascia and metal trim.

Hydraulic fluid rained down on newly planted palm trees and was dripping off the fronds; it covered all the new landscape planted below the palms, as well as; surrounding sod, Astroturf, concrete and asphalt.

Although this type of incident is relatively common and accidental during construction, the issue needs immediate attention.


OPG+ offers the world’s most environmentally safe and cost-effective remediation process for the mitigation of hazardous spills. OPG+ was on site in less than one hour and sprayed their 100 percent biodegradable product from the top of an extended lift boom. The spray-on application is a one-step process that permanently eliminates hazardous materials and fire hazard within minutes.


All hydraulic fluid was remediated onsite from the top of the building to the ground below to include the entire front of the building, trees, shrubs, grass, Astroturf and concrete.

The work was done quickly and efficiently with zero disruption to the general job site and workflow. None of the grass, plants or hardscape surfaces will need replacing.

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OPG+ LLC is a U.S.-based company established in 2017 to satisfy a growing need for natural, quick and effective spill remediation. OPG+ supplies remediation services to several national equipment rental and construction agencies. For more information, call 844.444.8899, visit and follow OPG+ on Facebook and Twitter.