Oil Spills Happen: How Car Dealerships Handle Them

OPG+ is the Expert in Car Oil Spill Clean-Up

Are you a car dealership? Learn how to keep oil spills at bay with OPG+

Over 3 million cars were sold in the United States last year alone. As many car dealers know, this comes with a risk of oil spills.

Oil spills may cause harm to people and the environment if not dealt with properly, so it is important to know the actions to take to prevent them. At OPG+, we created a natural solution that turns oil into CO2 and water because other chemicals do more harm than good when fighting contaminants.

If you run a car dealership, here are a few tips to help you keep car oil spills at bay to prevent potential health hazards.

Know Where Car Oil Spills Start

Did you know that 41% of car buyers only visit one dealership? That means you’ll want yours in ship-shape for potential customers. Identifying where an oil spill is coming from will help you keep your business clean.

Whether you sell cars that run on gasoline, or large vehicles such as trucks that run on diesel, accidents happen. These oil spills pose a major fire risk because they can be flammable. Based on our first-hand experience, they may also contaminate water. While it can be difficult to determine where a spill starts, it is important to quickly identify and assess the source to prevent them from getting larger. Oil spills from cars and vehicles can happen anywhere, including your auto repair shop, and can be identified by a strong odor. Ignoring an accidental oil spill can also be dangerous when repairing vehicles, therefore it is important to keep your staff and customers safe. This is why we recommend having an oil spill response plan ready.

Responding to a Car Oil Spill

If you find an oil spill, do not panic. Begin by turning off nozzles and closing off the leak, if safe to do so. Make sure you are prepared with personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand. This will keep you safe from any harm that may come from direct contact. You’ll want to move any equipment and tools to avoid damage. If possible, try to contain the spill in a safe container. No matter the vehicle leak, including motor oils, transmission fluids, any coolant or gear oil, OPG+ can take care of it.

After taking the initial steps of stopping and cleaning up a car oil spill, it is best to call our OPG+ Quick Response Team to help reduce the risk of harming people and the environment. As these spills must be dealt with quickly, having the number of our response team accessible at all times will prevent unnecessary delays. You can reach OPG+ at 844-444-8899.

OPG+ is the Expert in Car Oil Spill Clean-Up

Knowing how to find and clean up the source of a spill can help keep your car dealership safe and looking clean.

Make sure to schedule a 24/7 Quick Response Cleanup Service if a car oil spill occurs or contact us. Learn more about why you should choose OPG+ for your cleanup here.