OPG+ at the Track!

OPG+ Quick Response Team at Daytona International Speedway

Our Quick Response Team Tackles Spills and Clean Ups At Homestead-Miami Speedway

November 15th-17th, 2019: The OPG+ Quick Response Team was on-site at the 2019 Ford EcoBoost 300 NASCAR XFINITY Series Championship and the Ford EcoBoost 400 NASCAR Cup Series Championship races. Over the course of the weekend-long event lineup, our team kept the Homestead complex clean and safe including: the pits, garages, post race track clean up and food service area.

OPG+ technicians positioned their specially upfitted mobile response truck in the infield, ready for the inevitable spills and mishaps that come with a major racing event. The OPG+ crew expertly remediated an assortment of hydrocarbon-based substances at the speedway. Since the OPG+1 formula works great on many different types of contaminants, they were able to easily transition from one clean up task to the next.

OPG+ Quick Response Team at Daytona International Speedway

After the XFINITY race on Saturday night, our techs removed a spot from the track leaving behind no trace of slippery oil. When one of the race cars leaked oil most the length of pit road, and trailed it all the way back to the garages, our OPG+ team quickly cleaned it up.

Another hazard was created when a food vendor spilled a large amount of cooking grease, contaminating a 30×30 ft. area surrounding an outdoor kitchen. Skilled OPG+ workers removed all of the grease, with limited disruption to the surrounding race fans.

After the last race of the series was finished, OPG+ remained on the scene to help clean up anything left behind by vendors and pit crews. We were even able to help clean up a hydraulic fluid spill left behind by a delivery vehicle in a kitchen area infield.

We had a great time at Homestead-Miami Speedway, and look forward to lending our services at more events at this track and others in the future.

OPG+ Quick Response Team at Daytona International Speedway

The efficient Quick Response Team of OPG+ is available to help with environmental clean up at many other types of locations as well. Restaurants, airports, parking lots, drive-throughs, auto repair shops and more. We treat contaminated materials on-site and can arrive at most locations in our service area within hours. Call us at (844) 444-8899 if you are in need of help cleaning up any type of oil, grease, petroleum, fuel or hydrocarbon spill and we’ll be happy to help get your site back to normal fast.

For more info about upcoming events at Homestead-Miami Speedway visit: https://www.homesteadmiamispeedway.com/