OPG+ Debuts Statewide QRT Network At Florida Conference

Bioremediation Quick Response Team graphic

Florida-based, OPG+ is an in situ oil, fuel and grease clean up remediation service that is environmentally friendly and a fraction of the cost of other clean up solutions. With licensing rights in North America, OPG+ leverages the power of the OSEII product with a proven record of successfully remediating more than 36,000 spills across the globe and is listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan (NCP).

Now serving Florida with a network of Quick Response Team (QRT) field professionals, OPG+ utilizes a 100 percent biodegradable product that is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost-effective remediation process for the mitigation of hazardous spills.

The spray-on application is a one-step process that permanently eliminates hazardous materials and fire hazard within minutes.

How it works:

  • Eliminates all hydrocarbons related to an oil or fuel spill on site
  • Fuel is rendered non-flammable in as little as five minutes
  • No digging and removing contaminates, the oil and fuel hydrocarbons are turned into water and CO2 on site
  • Rapidly diminishes toxicity of spill
  • Eliminates contaminant odor
  • Spill can no longer adhere to anything
  • Has a hydra lift component which Prevents oil from sinking into the ground or water table

OPG+ How it Works Chart

The solution is effective on all surfaces including concrete, asphalt, soil and fresh and salt waterways

Additional benefits include:

  • On site response within one hour
  • Available 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Nontoxic, biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals and marine life
  • Less expensive than other clean up solutions

About OPG+

OPG+ LLC is a U.S.-based company established in 2017 to satisfy a growing need for natural, quick and effective spill remediation. OPG+ supplies remediation services to several national equipment rental and construction agencies. For more information, call 844.444.8899, visit opgplus.com and follow OPG+ on Facebook and Twitter.