OPG+: The All-Natural Oil Spill Fix

Clean Up Safe for the Environment

“Is anyone hurt?” is the first question asked whenever there is a hazardous material spill. The immediate effect of oil spills on people and the environment is the highest concern. However, it is easy to overlook the environmental impact of the cleanup solution when acting as fast as possible. Some quick reaction oil spill fixes are not as effective as others. Others can introduce harmful non-native pollutants to the environment.

OPG+ is a form of bioremediation that works quickly. Most importantly, as an all-natural solution, it is safe to use around children, pets and plants.

Kick-starting the Natural Process

When we hear the word “bacteria” our instinct is something bad or something that can make us sick. But, there are many kinds of good bacteria; our gut and stomachs are full of them. Microbes in our gut improve our health. Certain foods, like bananas and sauerkraut, stimulate these microbes to work even better.

This is similar to the environment of an oil spill. When a hazardous spill occurs, the bacteria in the immediate area die. Bacteria that survive protect themselves by releasing bio surfactants. Bio surfactants are microscopic agents that reduce surface tension and break up the spill. This is all part of Mother Nature’s ability to heal itself.

Sometimes, there is not enough bacteria present to mitigate the spill. This is where OPG+ comes in, acting like the banana that stimulates the microbes in your gut. Our formula contains the same enzymes from the bacteria that clean the spill. It’s the same natural process, just given a speed boost. Even better, because it’s all-natural and biodegradable.

Benefits from All-Natural Clean Up

All-natural solutions are good for the environment and more effective than mechanical options. Some popular mechanical options, like skimmers, are only usable in calm conditions. Even in an ideal setting skimmers struggle to clean more than 20% of hazardous material.

Soon after deploying OPG+, the fire hazard from oil spills is diminished. The toxicity of the spill is lowered and any odors are almost non-existent. The hazardous material will no longer adhere to anything. This limits harm and eases clean up if any ocean spills reach shore. Additionally, OPG+ will prevent oil from sinking into the sea. In short, OPG+ makes the environment safe for people, plants and animals following any spill.

There is no shortage of success stories. The formula for OPG+ has been used to remediate over 36,000 hazardous material spills since 1989.

Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A major factor that puts the plus in OPG+ is our approval for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute conducted a test to efficacy of the OPG+ formula and its potential to mitigate the impact of an oil spill in Nantucket Sound, a sensitive habitat in the Atlantic Ocean. This study proved OPG+ limits the spread of spills, does not harm species, and converts 100% of the oil to CO2 and water. The Department of the Interior confirms OPG+ is safer, cheaper, and more effective at cleaning 100% of a spill than mechanical and dispersant options.

OPG+ is Here For You

OPG+ can help provide a basis for safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly hazardous material spill solutions around the world. Contact us to request a demo or schedule an emergency cleanup today!

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