Prevention of Hydraulic Oil Stains on Concrete Driveway

OPG+ Oil Cleanup Before and After photo

OPG+ mobile service technicians immediately remove hydrocarbons from oil, fuel, grease or other spills. Within minutes of arriving on scene, our Quick Response Team takes the appropriate steps to contain toxic pollutants. Harmful chemicals are immediately broken down and permanently eliminated from the environment. However, staining from the oily spill is a little tougher to remove in some cases. 

Lightly colored concrete, painted surfaces, pavers, and even asphalt can be slow to return to their previous condition after hydrocarbon contamination. Removal of these stains must be performed as a process, over the course of several weeks. Our OPG+ technicians have perfected a strategy to achieve the best results in the removal of driveway stains. Here is a case study from one of our service calls.

An OPG+ customer called for help remediating a hydraulic oil spill at a residential home. The house was undergoing renovations and had a piece of hydraulic equipment from a heavy equipment rental company parked in their driveway. When a hydraulic hose blew, it sprayed the pressurized oil all over the garage door, concrete driveway, landscaping, and nearby vehicles. Our OPG+ team received a call for help remediating the spill, and dispatched to the location within the hour.

Upon arrival, our technicians assessed the area to make sure that no oil was threatening to spread to nearby areas and then promptly applied our non-toxic OPG+ formula. Once fumes and toxicity were neutralized, our technicians consulted with the homeowner to develop a plan to treat the residual staining.

Day of Spill

The OPG+ formula works by seeping into the pores of the concrete and lifting the oil to the surface. At the same time, biosurfactants and enzymes break down the oil to make it easily digestible by indigenous bacteria. These native microbes safely attach and digest the pollutants, leaving behind only CO2 and water. The hydraulic oil’s adhesion properties are reduced so that it “lets go” of the concrete. Since these tiny organisms need to flourish in order to reach deep down into the pores of the concrete, it is sometimes necessary to reapply our OPG+ formula to allow them to finish the job of stain removal.

1st Follow Up Visit

2nd Follow Up Visit

3rd Follow Up Visit

After three follow-up treatments, this residential property was restored to its original condition. Our skilled technicians were able to remove all of the staining from the garage door, and even prevented the landscaping from dying. This treatment schedule was minimally disruptive to the homeowner. Our formula is non-toxic and safe for humans, kids, pets and plantlife so no special precautions needed to be taken such as avoiding the area until dry. Prevention is always a better option, but our product is able to be applied directly to plants and lawns to remove chemical spills without harming them, and leaves behind no scent or residue. Be sure to read through our frequently asked questions.