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OPG+ Oil+Petroleum+Grease Cleanup

Cleanup Solution Retail Display (6 Pack)

Make OPG+ easily available to your customers with this attractive, colorful retail display. Each purchase includes 6 spray bottles, and an easily assembled box featuring product details and artwork. Perfect for store countertop or shelf, this point of purchase display is a compact way to present our product. OPG+1 is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleanup solution. Effective on oil, petroleum and grease our spray bottles are the perfect size to clean tools, workshop or kitchen. After a matter of minutes oil and grease will be removed leaving a dry, non-slip surface.

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Works In Minutes

Environmentally Friendly

OPG+ Cleanup Solution Eliminates

Oil Spills






Pesticides &


OPG+ Cleanup Solution Works On

Fresh &
Salt Water

Soil & Sand




Plants &

& Tools

Kitchen &

& Rugs

Rubber &

Glass &

OPG+1 Cleanup Solution FAQs

Does OPG+1 leave behind residue?

No. OPG+1 dries clean, leaving a non-slip surface.

Can OPG+1 help remove the hazard associated with flammable spills?

Yes. OPG+1 reduces fire hazard of flammable contaminants within 5 minutes.

Once OPG+1 is applied, are additional steps required to remove contaminated materials?

No. OPG+1 removes oil, petroleum + grease and does not require any digging up of soil or removal of materials on the site.

Is OPG+1 Safe To Use Around Pets?

Yes. OPG+1 is completely non-toxic and will not harm pets, wildlife, or the environment.

Can OPG+1 Remove Lingering Odors From Fuel, Oil, And Other Contaminants?

Yes. OPG+1 completely removes odors from chemicals and other spills.

Is OPG+1 Harmful If Accidentally Ingested?

No. OPG+1 is not poisonous, and will have no adverse effects if accidentally swallowed.

Will OPG+1 Irritate My Skin?

No. Our formula is safe to use and non-irritant, even on the most sensitive skin.

How Should I Properly Store Any Unused Portion Of OPG+1 To Keep It Fresh And Effective?

Store OPG+1 with the cap tightly secured, at room temperature.

Is The Efficiency Of OPG+1 Affected By Environmental Temperature?

OPG+1 is effective in temperatures above 45 degrees. If you wish to use it in a situation where the temperature is very cold, please contact us directly so that we can provide more specific instructions to combat the product from freezing.

How Are OPG+1 Products Shipped? Can I Track My Order?

Typically via FedEx ground. We can provide a tracking number to you.

Does OPG+1 Remove Pesticides?

Yes! The OPG+1 formula is effective at removing pesticides and herbicides from soil and water.

What Type Of Endorsements Has OPG+1 Received?

It is the same formula used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. It is also part of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Contingency Plan for Oil Spills. OPG+1 is endorsed by OSHA and other top government agencies. Please visit our certifications section for a full list.

Can I Use OPG+1 To Clean My Boat?

Yes! OPG+1 works great on boats and will not harm surfaces!

Does OPG+1 Work To Remove Lovebugs And Other Residue From Cars?

Yes! OPG+1 works great on tough lovebug gunk! Our formula won’t harm paint.

Is It Safe To Use OPG+1 Inside My Oven?

Yes! OPG+1 leaves behind only CO2 + water, so there is NO residue left behind. There is no need to worry about potentially flammable chemicals, food contamination, or odors the next time you use your oven.

Are There Retail Locations Where I Can Buy OPG+1 Directly?

Yes! Visit our Dealer Locator page to find a retail location near you!

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