Additional Resources On OPG+

Want to learn more about the OPG+ formula? We invite you to browse this section. We’ve compiled a comprehensive assortment of information. Read detailed instructions for product use, remediation capabilities, test results and more. We are confident that you will find that OPG+ is truly exceptional. You will also learn the science behind our non-toxic formula. These sheets explain in detail how it works to remediate oil, grease and petroleum spills.

Information Sheets On OPG+

Here you can find quick references for OPG+ remediation capabilities. What our formula and our service team can DO. OPG Plus LLC (A.K.A. OPG+) is a US-based company established to satisfy a growing need for natural, quick and effective spill remediation. Learn more about OPG+ including our capabilities, past performance, what makes us different and more on OPG+ Info Sheets.

How To Use OPG+1 Products

Make sure you’re getting the most from your OPG+1 product. For best results, follow the directions that our cleaning experts have developed. OPG+ clean up products are simple to use and fast acting. Directions on how to use our product can be found here at OPG+ Product Instructions.

Technical Specifications On OPG+

The OPG+ formula is a truly revolutionary remediation product. It provides a new, non-toxic way to completely remove oil, petroleum and grease from almost any environment. Read in-depth specifics on everything OPG+ including company history, bioremediation tests, EPA regulations, success stories and a lot more on OPG+ Technical Specifications.