Core Competencies

OPG+ is an in-situ oil and fuel clean up and remediation service that is environmentally friendly and a fraction of our competitor’s cost.

  • 24/7 Mobile Service
  • EPA Approved
  • Eliminates all hydrocarbons related to an oil or fuel spill on site
  • Fuel rendered completely non-flammable in as little as 5 minutes
  • No digging up and removing contaminates, the oil and fuel hydrocarbons are turned to water and CO2 on site


  • On site response within 1 hour
  • Available 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Effective on all surfaces including concrete, asphalt, soil and waterways
  • Nontoxic, biodegradable and harmless to humans, animal and marine life
  • Less expensive than other clean up solutions
  • Oil and fuel turned to water and CO2
  • Listed on the EPA’s NCP (National Contingency Plan)

Waste Industry Capabilities

  • Quickly eliminates the smell of garbage juice, oil and gas through a neighborhood.
  • Safe around lawns and pets
  • Does not damage concrete or asphalt
  • Free quotes
  • Only one invoice per job, regardless of how many treatments are required
  • Continues to treat the stain and significantly lightens or removes – Great for HOAs and customer driveways
  • We clean containers, trucks, equipment, shop floors & wash pads at your facilities
  • 24/7 service
OPG+ - How it Works Diagram OPG+ - The Natural Solution OPG+ - How does it work?

What is OPG+?

OPG+ Cleanup service utilizes a 100% biodegradable product that is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost-effective remediation process for the mitigation of hazardous spills. Whether it’s oil, petroleum, grease or organic material cleanup, OPG+ will quickly make your site, vehicle and your business, safe and operational again!

A Natural Process

OPG+ is a biological enzyme that converts the waste into a natural food source for the enhanced native bacteria found in the environment. The end result of this process is CO2 and water.

For further information about how OPG+ can assist your business please contact:

Matthew Kemper [email protected]

Antonia Duncan [email protected]

How OPG+ Can Help

OPG+ offers a safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable cleanup solution for oil spills that uses native bacteria and microbes. When it comes to hydraulic oil, OPG+ knows how to quickly and efficiently clean up a spill using a biodegradable formula that is non-toxic and won’t cause harm to a golf course’s grass. Hydraulic oil spills cause damage that can be harmful to the health of local residents and wildlife, so using a cleaning process that won’t introduce more toxins to the area is the best way to go. 
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