OPG+ Service Industries

OPG+ remediation services cater to a diverse range of industries. Our Quick Response Team swiftly handles emergency cleanup for local sanitation companies, construction crews, transport companies, and more. Additionally, we offer scheduled maintenance for properties, equipment, and vehicles, ensuring businesses maintain a clean and optimal appearance. Specifically specializing in hydraulic oil cleanup, our technicians excel in addressing grease, oil, fuel, and hydrocarbon spills for industries reliant on hydraulic equipment. Our fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly remediation services safeguard properties, employees, and business profitability.

Waste Cleanup & Remediation

Discover swift and efficient waste cleanup with OPG+. Our skilled technicians utilize a powerful formula to eliminate odors from trash truck leaks and leachate spills, ensuring pleasant neighborhoods. Specializing in hydraulic fluid leaks from waste management vehicles, we swiftly remove oil stains and prevent road discoloration.

Waste Cleanup On:
  • Residential Streets
  • Customer Driveways
  • Parking Areas
  • Dumpster Containment Areas
  • Waste Management Vehicles
  • Waste Containers and Dumpsters
  • Facility Wash Pads
  • Trash Receptacles and Compactors

The OPG+ formula is non-toxic, safe for various surfaces, and our team offers 24/7 support. With quick and cost-effective solutions, we address spills promptly, limiting customer complaints related to stains, odors, and health concerns. Trust our Quick Response Team to keep your environment clean and worry-free.

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Rental Equipment Cleanup & Remediation

Depend on OPG+ environmental services for rapid solutions to oil spills in heavy equipment rental companies. Our 24/7 Quick Response Team efficiently handles hydraulic fluid spills, ensuring worksites are hazard-free and operational at all times. Trust us for swift and effective remediation.

Rental Equipment Cleanup On:
  • Construction Sites
  • Rental Equipment
  • Rental Customers Property
  • Residential Streets
  • Lawns and Landscaping
  • Sidewalks and Parking Areas
  • Hyraulic Machinery
  • Inside Warehouses or Garages

Collaborating with rental equipment companies, we address spills promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our on-site cleaning services contribute to proper equipment care, reducing unexpected downtime through routine maintenance. Trust OPG+ to maintain the functionality and cleanliness of your rental assets.

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OPG+ Makes the Difference

  • Invoice includes 4 follow up treatments
  • Before and after pics available on request
  • GPS data available on all service vehicles
  • Professional uniformed staff
  • Specialty service vehicles
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24 Hour Emergency Spill Cleanup Service

OPG+ QRT is available 24/7 and usually within a few hours of your location.

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Waste and Rental Equipment are only to name a couple. We service hundreds of industries and would love to help!

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