Tips for Cleaning Up Grease Spills in Your Restaurant

If you run a restaurant, you likely deal with cooking oil daily. While this is true, grease spills happen. If you aren’t careful, they can get quite messy and present a serious hazard to your staff and customers. 

When a grease spill occurs, it’s best to hire a professional to help with the cleanup. They can get to work right away and will arrive at your restaurant with all the equipment needed to handle the job. 

While hiring professionals is the best option, you can take a few steps to help mitigate the problem and keep it from getting worse. Keep reading to learn more. 

Find the Source of the Spill or Leak

Not all grease spills are the same when it comes to where they originate. They may come from several different sources. For example, your employee may spill a bucket while they are walking out to dispose of it in a bin outside. Because of the human error factor, it’s best to automate this if possible. In some cases, your bin or tank may be overflowing, or there could be a leak in the holding tank. Staying proactive when it comes to looking for leaks is crucial in catching a grease spill before it gets any worse. 

There may be an issue with the restaurant’s grease trap system, as well. This is not the same thing as the storage tank that holds the oil you have used. The grease trap is designed to hold the waste that is sent down your drain. A clog in the outlet or inlet pipe may cause a major problem in the kitchen or in the trap found in the parking lot. 

Finding the source of the grease leak or spill is the first step in solving the issue. 

Call a Plumber or a Grease Recycling Service 

Once you have found the source, you should call your plumber or grease recycling service. The person you call will depend on the source of the mess. For example, if the spill was caused by a leak in a tank or an overflow issue, you can call your provider to come help with the problem. A plumber will be needed if the spill is from the grease trap. 

You can also call a service that specializes in grease cleanup. Usually, these companies will clean up the mess, remove the hazard, and restore sanitary conditions to your kitchen. 

Handling a Grease Spill in Your Restaurant

If there is a grease spill in your restaurant, you need to handle the issue right away. This is going to help ensure that the problem is cleaned and that your restaurant is left sanitary and hazard-free. 

Calling in professionals to help with this type of issue is recommended. They can evaluate the problem and create a plan of action to handle it. Keep the information above in mind so that you will know what to do if a grease spill occurs.